Chapter 5- Celebrating love … is our passion… Happy valentine’s day!

The first look, love at first sight … or maybe not.
A troubled start.
Someone who bothers us and then we find that, after all,
our heart beats faster every time we see him (her).

Pure chemistry? Alchemy of love?
The talks for hours.
The first kiss.
The complicity.

The time that flies away when we are with our soul mate.
The time that seems to have stoped until we meet him (her) again.

The rush of everyday life.
Dreams designed by two.
The tears, the laughter.
The look of someone so special, that know us as himself (herself).

One day – why not this valentine’s day?-
a special request: Will you marry me?

And how many love stories,
how many special requests are made all over the world,
every minute that passes?
In so many different languages and cultures.
But, in the universal language of human beings: love.

Boxes of chocolates. Flowers.
A romantic dinner or weekend.
A surprise… And the awaited:
“Yes I do”…

Celebrating love is our passion!
Happy Valentine’s day!


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