Chapter 6- Tips to a glamorous and unforgettable bohemian or rustic-chic style wedding

We are falling in love with the wedding trends for this year!

Just imagine a glamorous and unforgettable wedding party. But, at the same time, how it would be amazing and perfect to create a very personal and cozy atmosphere, to breath pure happiness like we do when we invite friends and family to our home.

Well, we are delighted to tell you that informal and unconventional marriages are on trend in 2015. The bohemian, the boho chic , the rustic-chic style or hippie chic are the biggest trends is wedding themes for this year.

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And in Portugal, especially in the Algarve, it’s so easy to dive into the colors inspired by nature.

Wild or country flowers are a must have to decorate the church, to inspire a lovely bouquet. We just love the romantic Boho Bride, usually wearing a dress with tissue fluid, light, with delicate embroidery. Natural or soft makeup, and a braid or a wreath of flowers are good options for this look.


Then, the philosophy is to celebrate love, happiness and the joy of life close to friends and family, in long wood tables decorated with country flowers. And when the night comes down just image how romantic are the candles and the white lights decorating the trees of a beautiful garden… creating a magical and intimate rustic-style wedding…

These are only a few tips about the wedding trends for 2015. We can’t wait to tell you more and to make your dream wedding come true.


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Don’t forget to save the dates for our next visits to our second home: Ireland.

This weekend, on the 7 th and 8th march in Dublin at the Ballsbridge Hotel, and at 18th and 19th April in Cork.

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