Chapter 6- Tips to a glamorous and unforgettable bohemian or rustic-chic style wedding

We are falling in love with the wedding trends for this year! Just imagine a glamorous

Chapter 5- Celebrating love … is our passion… Happy valentine’s day!

The first look, love at first sight … or maybe not. A troubled start. Someone who

Chapter 4- Dublin – Feels like coming back home

Everytime we land in Dublin, we feel like coming back home. Returning to this beautiful city,

Chapter 3- Thrilling countdown to the Algarve and Lisbon Wedding Show, in Dublin

Are you ready to an unforgettable and irresistible “Yes I do” under the lovely sunshine of

Chapter 2- Make my wish come true. All I want for Christmas is you.

Christmas is magic. Special days in which we like to share with those we love the

Chapter I

I – The start: Love at first sight Some days are special. Days that can change